Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The first day of school

Today was Sofie's first day at 'proper' school. She is now in the first class (erste klasse) at our local village school.
I walked her up to school this morning (parents are allowed to do this on the first day), and she proudly wore her enormous new back pack, then stood around with all the other children wearing their new backpacks. The back pack is a really big deal here.
We went to the classroom and met the teacher, and after a few brief words we were told they needed to get on with lessons and we could go home! The kids all looked so small and serious sat up at their desks, and this will be a huge step for them.
Of course in typical Swiss fashion they didn't mess about, and in the 3 and a half hours Sofie was at school this morning she was reminded of the classroom rules and had the reward/demerit scheme explained, had a German lesson, and did gym in the sports hall. She even had some homework which she was thrilled about, as homework is definitely very 'big kid'.

But the absolute high light of her first day at school? Apparently when they do gym (twice a week) the girls and the boys now use separate changing rooms. In kindergarten they all used the same changing room, but now they are obviously deemed old enough to be separated. And the reason that this was such a high light was becasue their teacher is male, so according to Sofie 'all the girls were just chattering and laughing and looking at our clothes'. Apparently their teacher would occasionally open the door and tell them to stop chatting and start dressing, but this just added to the fun.

So it was a good first day, and Sofie can't wait until tomorrow. Tonight she was tired, but she also had ballet after school, and I think it will take some time to get back into our slightly manic term time routine (assuming I don't get my way and make the girls drop a few activities first!).

My babies got big.


  1. ahhh, school. I like how chop-chop the Swiss are! Our first days (and last for that matter) were always useless.

  2. Oh! So glad the first day at big school went well and Sofie had fun :-)


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