Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We all knew where it was heading

This afternoon the girls were grumpy.
And they were fighting and bickering endlessly over a button.
Yes, that's right - a button.
I mean how can two children both want one stupid button so much?
They were obsessed with the thing, and were driving me mad.

So I decided to try and distract them with an activity that didn't require too much precision or thought, but would also be interesting enough to stop them thinking about that stupid precious button, and may even give me a few minutes to drink coffee in peace. In this house it is all about drinking coffee (and quality parent-child time of course).

I didn't tell them what we were doing, but as soon as I started taping long sheets of paper across the patio Emily started taking her clothes off! My girl knows me well, and is seriously into messy outdoor stuff (and nudity).

I initially got the idea for this activity from Pink and Green Mama, and knew that anything involving paint and fly swats (or fly swoppers as Emily insists on calling them) would be a huge hit with my two.

They started slowly and carefully.
But it wasn't long before they were dipping their feet in the paint,...

...and their bottoms (I hardly need to tell you how hilarious they found that!).
Which naturally ended up with them covering their bodies with paint.
Which led them to experiment with painting their bodies with paint soaked fly swatters.
Which ended in a warm tub of water in the garden.
And the ultimate measure of success was that by the time the paintings were done, and the girls were slightly less 'painty' (is that even a word), the button was forgotten and peace reigned.
I even got to drink that coffee and read a bit of the newspaper.
It turned out to be a great afternoon.


  1. Fantastic! Your kids are lucky! Isn't it amazing what they will bicker over?!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement a few days ago about my race!

    Tricia :)

  2. The lengths we go to get some time out...

    Love that shot in the tub. So cute.
    I'm glad they only painted themselves and the paper!

  3. I can't wait until it's warm enough here to let Ingrid get messy outside!! Love the shot of Emily in the tub :)

  4. he he looks like enough to distract from squables over even the most 'precious' button ( its funny what children squable over sometimes:)


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